Please understand and cooperate with the following to ensure all guests
can safely and pleasantly enjoy the Flight Park.

Pre-admission Check Items

  • The following items cannot be brought into the Flight Park.
    • Dangerous items or firearms
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Umbrellas (although availability is limited, there are umbrella stands next to the ticket counter)
    • Camera tripods, selfie sticks
    • Large luggage, luggage with casters (there are simple lockers next to the ticket counter)
    • Electric mobility scooters
    • Roller shoes, roller skates
    In addition, no pets other than service dogs for the physically disabled are allowed.
  • Admission is not allowed to the following persons.
    • People in poor health
    • People who are intoxicated
  • The Flight Park shall not be held liable for injury, theft, or trouble between guests that occur inside the Flight Park.
  • Admission to the Flight Park could be restricted when there is crowding, an emergency medical situation, an accident occurs, or trouble with equipment.

Notes for Flight Park Attendance

  • Photography is allowed inside the Flight Park, but the following activities are not permitted.
    • Flash photography
    • Photography using a camera tripod
    • Photography using a selfie stick
    • Photography using a drone
    • Photography that disturbs other guests
  • When in the Flight Park always follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Drinking and eating inside the Flight Park is prohibited except for drinking from plastic bottles with a cap.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the Flight Park.
  • Do not climb on the airplanes.
  • Much digital equipment is installed in the Flight Park. Do not touch any digital equipment unless necessary, and when participating in an attraction that requires the operation of equipment, please handle the equipment carefully.
  • Guests are responsible for their own valuables and are asked to supervise them themselves.
  • If you witness any actions that disturb other guests, please report it immediately to a staff member.
  • Please understand that the Flight Park may use dimmed lighting, flashing lights, and loud sounds to enhance the presentation effect of the attractions.
  • The Flight Park may be temporarily closed due to a natural disaster, etc. In this case, in principle there will be no refund of admission fees.