The first official Boeing Store outside the U.S.
Besides official Boeing merchandise, there is a wide variety of original goods sold only here.
They include objects and furniture made with airplane parts and other must-see things for airplane fans.
You need not enter the Flight Park to visit this store.

BOEING STORE Official Merchandise

Recommended Items

  • パイロットベア
    Pilot bear
    Stuffed animal bear dressed as a pilot. Comes in two colors, brown and white. Great as gifts.
  • プラスチックタンブラー
    Plastic tumbler
    This original Japanese tumbler with a stylish design is for everyday use. Capacity 330 ml.
  • トートバッグ
    Tote bags
    Completely sealed (Large)
    Tote bags sold only by the Boeing Store. Comes in large and small sizes. Ideal for everyday use.
  • お菓子 各種
    Over 10 varieties of confections in nice containers. After eating the sweets, you can use the container to hold things.
  • 787-8 Dreamliner Snap Model (1:200)
    787-8 Dreamliner
    Snap Model (1:200)
    Official U.S. Boeing scale models. See the Boeing 787-8 in original livery. Other model planes also available.
  • MA-1 フライトジャケット
    flight jacket
    MA-1 flight jacket with the Boeing logo embroidered on the left chest. Available in the standard green or black.
  • カーボンファイバーペンセット
    Carbon fiber
    pen set
    Set of ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils made of carbon fiber material that is also used by the Boeing 787.
  • パッチ 各種
    The Boeing Store's popular patches can be put on jackets and bags. You can also collect them or give them as gifts.


Objects and furniture made of real Boeing airplane parts.
The listed product is one-of-a-kind. It may be sold out.

  • MD-11 窓枠
    MD-11 window frame
    Window frame from a retired aircraft. Designed to be hung on a wall. Add it to your collection or decorate your home.
  • 727 コックピット計器
    727 cockpit instrument
    An instrument in the cockpit that was actually used in the Boeing 727.
    Upper part: Exhaust thermometer
    Lower part: Engine compressor speed indicator
  • ギャレーカート
    Galley cart
    Cart to serve in-flight meals and drinks. Custom-ordered in Boeing's original design. Brand new.
  • 747 サーキットブレーカーペン
    747 circuit-breaker pen
    A circuit-breaker switch is attached to the pen, and the dedicated case is made of seatbelt material. Makes a great gift.
  • 727ギアクロック
    727 gear clock
    This was actually used in a Boeing 727. Made into a desktop clock. Adds a stylish touch to any room.
  • 747-400 ラダーペダル
    747-400 rudder pedal
    The rudder pedal that was actually used in the cockpit of the Boeing 747, which was well known all over the world by the nickname of jumbo jet.
  • F4ファントムⅡエンジンブレード
    F4 Phantom Ⅱ engine blade
    Object made of a fan blade actually used by a General Electric J79 engine.
  • F4ファントムⅡパネル
    F4 Phantom Ⅱ panel
    This instrument panel actually used inside the cockpit is now an original, decorative panel. Very rare, would make other fans envious.

FLIGHT OF DREAMS Original goods

  • ステンレス水筒
    Stainless steel canteen
    Stainless steel canteen with a simple and unisex design and the Flight of Dreams logo. Capacity 500 ml.
  • 箸置き
    Chopstick rest
    Popular chopstick rest. The Flight of Dreams logo adds a nice touch to your dinner table. Set of four rests.
  • 枡
    Square wooden box
    Square wooden box branded with the Flight of Dreams logo. You can use it to drink sake or to store things. Made of hinoki cypress grown in Japan.
  • 缶バッジ
    Metal pins
    Pins in two designs. The simple logo design makes it chic.